Product Reviews: Marble Cleaning Products

Marble Cleaning Product Review (title to be named after final draft) When you have marble floors or walls, or stunning marble countertops and tabletops, you are probably the envy of your friends and neighbors. And that’s no surprise because marble surfaces look amazingly sophisticated and classy. But you are no doubt fully aware that marble requires tender, loving care to maintain its natural good looks.

That’s why we have developed a range of specialized cleaning and restoration products specifically designed to care for marble. These have been recognized as being the best of the best, by professional marble cleaning companies and we are inordinately proud that these professionals reach out for our products when they need to clean and maintain marble finishes in the 5 star hotels and luxury properties they service. You can be sure that if the pros trust and rely on our products, these products will truly produce fantastic results for you; our products are all formulated to be safe to use and user friendly. So when you have marble in your home, invest in these products to keep it in tip top condition.

Marble Cleaning Product NeautrasheenNeutrasSheen for Marble (pre-mixed spray): this fabulous marble cleaner couldn’t be easier to use. Just spray and wipe. No scrubbing, no rinsing, no fuss at all. And you can be sure that you are cleaning up dirt and spills with a product specifically designed for marble to reduce the incidence of stains, without causing damage to the surface. Use it on any marble in your home: showers, vanity tops, bar tops and floors. It will work everywhere and is also great on granite, limestone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

At only $8.95 for a 32oz NeutraSheen sprayer bottle, you can’t afford not to have a bottle handy in the kitchen and bathroom to deal with any unexpected spills.

Marble Gloss Restorer Marble Gloss Restorer: when you feel that your marble tiles and countertops are looking a little faded, invest in the Marble Gloss Restorer to renew their original dazzling look. This proprietary blend of polishing compounds is specifically designed to deal with etch marks, light scratches, food and beverage stains, and water spots. It is just as effective on limestone and travertine.

If you have marble surfaces with a slightly different chemistry, we offer the Marble Gloss Restorer SF (Special Formula). This has a different chemical blend and is indicated for Thassos (pure white), Breccia Nouvella (dark brown), Verde Antique (dark green) and Belgium Black (absolute black) types of marble. We know our chemistry and will always recommend the right product for the right job.

The Marble Gloss Restorer is available in a 4oz size and costs only $17.95, 8oz @ $25.95, or $39.95 for the 16oz version. So when your floors, walls, shower, bath & kitchen counters and table tops need some help, reach for the Marble Gloss Restorer and you will have the glossy finish you desire in no time at all.

Marble Polisher and CleanerMarble Polish and Protector: once you have restored your marble surfaces to their former glory, ensure you enhance and protect them regularly. The Marble Polish and Protector is a marble polisher and sealant used to maintain the sheen of the marble whilst simultaneously protecting it – it’s not a coating and is polymer-free, but works by creating a physical barrier to keep oil, water, and dirt on the surface and prevent them from penetrating the stone which can lead to unsightly stains. Surface spills can then be easily cleaned up. This product is indicated for polished marble, granite, limestone and travertine.

When your marble showers, countertops, and tables are looking their very best, ensure you use the Marble Polish and Protector to safeguard the stone and maintain its natural beauty. At only $17.95 for 4oz, $25.95 for 8oz, or $39.95 for 16oz, you will be happy you made the investment to maintain your marble in the very best condition.
All of the above products can be easily purchased online at our website by setting up an account, adding the item you want to your cart and paying on check-out. It just couldn’t be simpler.

Choosing the Right Grout for the Job

When you are planning to lay tile, you may spend hours deliberating over the many choices of tile, but don’t forget the grout. It is what keeps the tiles bound together and stops them from moving and cracking. It is integral to the overall look of the finished tiled surface and needs to be color compatible and long lasting. You need to consider three main elements:
Choosing The Right Grout

  • The size of the grout joints
  • Where the tiles will be laid – which determines how stain resistant the grout should be
  • How easy is the grout to apply – important if you intend to lay the tile yourself

On the subject of grout joint size, if the spaces between the tiles are up to an eighth of an
inch wide, use unsanded grout. Any bigger and you should be using sanded grout which, unsurprisingly, contains sand and helps reduce any shrinkage or cracking of the grout in these bigger joints. Please note: do not use sanded grout for marble and granite tiles, because the sand contained in the grout mix will scratch the marble and granite over time.

Cement Based Tile Grouting
This grouting comes as a dry powder of Portland cement, colorant plus additives and must be mixed with water. It’s cheap and easy to apply. However, it needs to be sealed to ensure resistance to stains. The sealant is also easy to apply but must be reapplied annually to prolong the life and good looks of the grout.

Epoxy Tile Grouting
Epoxy grouts include a resin of epoxy and a hardener. This type of grout is extremely durable and highly resistant to chemicals such as acids, and greasy foodstuffs that might get dropped on the floor. Epoxy grouts require no sealant. While this all sounds wonderful, it is a tricky substance to work with and isn’t a project to undertake lightly. Unless you are completely confident in your DIY skills, it may be time to call in the experts.

Saying that, epoxy grout is far easier to work with than in the past, when it was not only difficult to apply but hardened quickly, within the hour. Today’s manufacturers of epoxy grouts have sensibly added detergent which makes things easier as the grout can be cleaned up with water. However, there are some other limitations for this type of grout: it is expensive and can only be applied to certain tiles: those with a thickness of more than half an inch and where the grout joints are at least a quarter of an inch wide.
Fundamentally, epoxy tile grouting is ideally suited to rooms which are likely to suffer chemical or foodstuff spills such as in industrial or commercial settings and is normally applied by professionals.

Acrylic Tile Grouting
The advantages of acrylic grouting lie in the fact that it contains silicone and is pre-mixed with Portland cement. This grout is strongly adhesive and is ideal for outdoor settings because it is undamaged by wide ranges in temperature – it can freeze and thaw without problem. So consider this type of grout if you wish to tile a patio or garage.
Another great advantage over epoxy grout is that acrylic grout is easy to work with: it can squeeze into much smaller grout joints, less than an eighth of an inch, can be applied just to the joints.

Acrylic tile grout is resistant to staining and is available in a variety of colors. It is the best option for marble and granite tile, as sanded grout will undoubtedly scratch these natural stones.

Premixed Urethane Tile Grouting
A relatively new addition to the DIY enthusiast’s options, urethane grout is great because of its long working time, the fact that it is water based allowing for easy cleaning of tools and because it needs no sealing. It can also be used on very narrow grout joints. However, care needs to be taken to wipe down the tiles completely before the grout dries or you may have a problem removing the grout residue.

When you have decided on the right grout for the job, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, put on your protective clothing and get grouting. As always, don’t forget to buy a grout cleaner and grout sealer to keep your tile and grout looking great for many years to come.

Are Granite Countertops Expensive?

Granite countertops in the bathroom and kitchen are a great investment to any home. They are certainly not to be considered a cheap option and when properly cleaned with specific granite cleaners, they will never need to be replaced in your lifetime. Put that way, granite countertops sound like a great investment and furthermore they will definitely increase the value of your home.

Granite is an exceedingly tough stone making it great for heavy use in the kitchen and bathroom. But once installed you do need to lavish some tender loving care on it – primarily by not abusing the surface and using an appropriate cleaner. So once you have decided that granite countertops are the way to go, just how much will it cost you?

Granite tiles and granite slabs are both options. The granite should be sealed first to increase its durability and ease of maintenance.

Granite tiles are about one square foot in dimension and are easy to transport to your home. If you have do-it-yourself skills in laying tiles, you can install them yourself. However during installation they are quite easy to break so have a few left in reserve in case they are needed. Prices for granite tiles can range from about $20 to $50 per square foot depending on the quality and the species of the granite.

Granite slabs are custom produced countertops made from a single piece of granite and installed in one piece. You need a concerted team effort to install a slab since it is heavy and one false move can ruin the whole countertop. Unsurprisingly these tailor made slabs cost more than simple tiles – typically from $40 to $100 per square foot, but prices can be much higher depending on the quality and origin of the granite.

If you’re not up to installing granite countertops yourself, call in the professionals. This will of course increase the overall costs. As will the degree of customization of the granite for your particular kitchen or bathroom space. If you have a number of tricky corners to deal with, or desire ornate edges, the price will rise as the granite will need to be cut and fabricated accordingly. But once your home has its new granite countertops in place you will be delighted with the result. So look after them, clean them only with the best granite cleaners and sit back and enjoy them for a long time to come.

Choosing Floor Tiles

When choosing tiles for your floor think carefully about color, design and how easy they will be to clean. Floor tiles are available in every color under the sun from muted beiges and tasteful terracotta to imposing black. They may be monochrome, multicolored and with or without some kind of pattern or design. Choosing the right color for your room is paramount and especially for rooms with a lot of footfall, you need to ensure that you use an appropriate tile cleaner to keep them looking in tip top condition. Here are some key points to consider.

  • Don’t choose a tile that will clash with the existing color scheme of the room – make sure it complements the walls and soft furnishings.
  • Plain tiles will act as a more neutral base for the furniture in the room whereas highly designed and multicolored tiles will call attention to themselves.
  • Keep to the style of your house: shiny black tiles can be very sophisticated in a large, modern room but would look out of place in a rustic style house.
  • Darker tiles will also make a room look smaller, whereas pale colors such as beige and cream will make a smaller room look much bigger.

Discuss your requirements with the store where you are making your purchase. They have plenty of experience and will help narrow down your choices of tile to one that is suitable for the room you wish to tile and will be easy to keep clean with a reputable tile cleaner.

Before you start to lay one single tile, take a few different samples back home and view them in the room they are destined for. Check them out in both natural and artificial light as they may look quite different in both.

Once you have made your final decision, you are just one step away to having a beautifully tiled room and as always – don’t forget to purchase tile cleaning products to protect and clean your tile to keep it looking new.