7 Tips for Laying Marble Tiles

Marble FloorWhen you have decided to install a beautiful marbled floor in your house, you will need to spend some time preparing the area before beginning to lay down the marble tile. To get a really professional look, here are 7 tips to get the best results possible:

1. Check that the floor can withstand the weight of the marble tiles before your proceed. Take professional advice and strengthen it if necessary.

2. Make sure the floor is level. Absolutely flat. Don’t rely on your eyes. Spirit levels were created for a purpose. Laying marble tiles on an uneven surface may cause them to lift or crack.

3. A dry, clean floor is a must. Don’t think about putting down marble tiles if the floor is damp or dirty or the tiles may not adhere effectively and will start to loosen with time.

4. Plan the design and layout before you begin. Most designs will require that you work out from the exact center of the room.

5. Make sure you have enough tiles before you start to lay them. Place the tiles on the dry floor where they are destined to go so you can double check how they will eventually look. Buy a few extras in case some get broken on the way.

6. Choose thin-set tile mortar of a color appropriate to the actual tiles. If it’s too dark it might show through the marble tiles and make the final floor seem darker than it should be.

7. Similarly chose a grout to compliment the tiles – either comparable to the tile color, or contrasting to make the tile layout design really stand out.

Once the tiles are laid you will have a classic marbled floor which you can sit back and admire. Treat it well and use a damp mop to clean it, or professional cleaning products specifically created for marble – they’re not as expensive as you might imagine. A striking marble floor oozes luxury and quality and will definitely add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your house.

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