The Most Important Things to Know About the Proper Care of Marble Countertops

The Most Important Things to Know About the Proper Care of Marble Countertops

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Not all Marble Care Products are “Safe”

• Using harsh chemicals found in most household cleaners to clean your marble and granite countertops will break down the sealers and should be avoided.
• Never use solvents or cleaners like bleach, vinegar and ammonia since they will “etch” leaving dull and discolored spots.
• Also not recommended are nearly all of the common name-brand household cleaners, such as Windex, 409, Tilex, Kaboom, Lysol…. most, if not all of these household cleaners are too harsh for cleaning marble and will also etch.
• Many cleaners labeled “for marble” are not good performers. Many of these cleaners tend to be generic household cleaners with a “marble” label sold in some stores.

What is the best marble cleaning product for marble countertops?

The best product for cleaning marble and stone in general is Marble Cleaner NeutraSheen for Marble – 32 oz. – Premixed Spray
Our NeutraSheen Marble cleaner products work great on countertops, vanities, grout, glass and chrome.

Click here for our Stone and Grout Care Guide  – and learn all about how to care for your marble, granite and grout properly


But here are the most important things to remember…


  • Avoid wet pans, especially iron cookware, which can rust and will stain your marble countertops.
  • Don’t let standing water evaporate on the surface of your marble countertop, as this can leave unwanted calcium deposits, which sometimes can be difficult to remove. Some household water may contain minerals that have the potential to damage the marble surface.
  • Never use “glass cleaners” to clean marble, for the reasons mentioned above. The NeutraSheen For Marble Cleaner is safe to use on glass, but glass cleaners should never, ever be used to clean marble surfaces.
  • The best stone and grout care products to use for cleaning marble, granite or any natural stone is NeutraSheen Marble cleaner - It is safe and was specially formulated for marble cleaning, and will not damage the surface of your marble or your grout.
  • NeutraSheen Marble cleaner safely cleans marble due to its proprietary formula there is no loss of gloss, color, or clarity.


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How to Care For Marble

cleaning a marble fireplaceIf you are one of the lucky people who have marble floors or countertops, then you must be sure that you know how to care for it. It does not have to be difficult to care for marble, and you can take a few simple steps to make sure it is clean and prevent any future stains or problems. This blog is going to look at three ways in which to care for marble whether you have marble countertops or floors.

1. CleaningYour Marble Countertops and Floors
One of the best ways to care for marble is to clean it regularly. This can include dusting it regularly with smooth cloths to avoid etching from the cloth or the dust. This will make sure your marble products look amazing year round. You will also need to make sure to clean it regularly with cleaning products that are truly for marble such as NeutraSheen.

While some cleaners might say they are approved for usage on marble, many are truly not good to use. They will still have harsh chemicals in them. This is why it is wise to always double check before purchasing cleaners to ensure it is safe for your marble products. You can do this by purchasing from places such as Marble and Granite Care Products where their marble products are safe for usage. 

2. Repolishing orSealing to Care for Marble Countertops

Another great way to care for marble countertops is to seal them. You can do this yourself by renting the proper equipment and getting sealing agents that are specifically for usage on marble countertops. This will help keep them safe from accidental problems such as spills. Sealing them will also help you clean up those problems easily with marble cleaners.

However, you should make sure to avoid using improper polishing or sealing agents on floors and countertops. If you need something for your marble floors and countertops, you can purchase a marble gloss restorer. This helps you restore any of the gloss that is lost due to damage or improper care prior to learning the best care methods. As we have said, this is great to use on floors and countertops, to help maintain a great shine and color. 

3. Use Mats In Areas with High Traffic or Where You Prepare Food

If you have marble flooring, it is a good idea to get mats that have a gentle underside that will protect the marble from people’s shoes. You should place these mats in high traffic areas to keep the marble from becoming worn and looking dull. You should also make sure to use cutting mats when you are preparing food on marble countertops to ensure that you do not stain it with food or damage the marble with a knife. 

It is vital for you to care for marble well in order to continue being happy with your marble flooring or countertops. Marble and Granite Care Products has several wonderful marble cleaners, sealers, and gloss restorers that are safe to use on marble. Take a look around our shop to find something that will work for you. When you are ready to checkout, use the code BD10 to receive a 10% discount off of your order! We look forward to doing business with you.

How to Care For Granite

Kitchen With Granite CountertopsGranite is a gorgeous natural stone that many people choose to use for their kitchen counter-tops. It adds a unique touch to the home and makes the kitchen look professional and classic.

However, many people do not realize it is important to care for granite since many are still used to having laminate counter-tops. Let’s look at a few ways to care for granite, making sure it lasts for years to come, looking just as gorgeous as the day it was installed.

Clean the Granite Daily With Warm Water

In order to maintain and care for granite properly, it is important that you clean the granite daily with warm water. Some people suggest that you use gentle soap, but it is important to use cleaner that is specific for granite. Since you should do this daily, it is a good idea to have a supply ready to use. Cleaners such as Neutra Sheen for Granite will ensure that your granite counter-tops stay clean while also continuing to look stunning.

Blot Up Any Spills

Obviously, you will use your counter-tops for a number of things including cooking and preparing liquids, which means you are likely to spill something on it. It is important that you blot up any spills you make. Blotting spills will ensure that you get every bit of liquid, whereas wiping will make it spread, which can cause harm to the stone. When you spill, blot it up to care for granite counter-tops effectively and quickly.

Use Mats or Potholders Between Objects And Granite

When you place things on your counter-tops, it is best to place mats or potholders between the objects and the counter-top in order to care for granite. This will keep it from becoming damaged. You should also avoid placing hot items directly on the granite counter-tops because heat can harm the granite; this is especially true if the granite counter-tops are already cold due to winter temperatures. When it doubt, simply avoid putting anything hot directly on the counter-tops and for long periods of time. If possible, keep your hot pots or pans on the stove for best results.

Ceramics Can Cause Scratching On The Surface

Everyone knows that granite counter-tops can be highly resistant to scratching, however, ceramics can cause scratching to occur both on the counter-tops and the objects themselves. To avoid this, place something such as a mat, or even a decorative trivet, to care for granite and protect it.

In Closing, It Is Important to Care for Granite

Granite counter-tops are incredible additions to any home,and they require great care. Proper care for granite will ensure that it looks incredible for several years. In fact, it will look brand new, which is something we all want when we purchase gorgeous counter-tops. If you are looking for a great cleaner for granite, Marble and Granite Care Products are here for you! We provide you with excellent granite cleaners,sealers,protectors and polishers, as well as a poultice that will greatly benefit you. We have a great granite maintenance kit that includes the essential items,making it easy for you to have all of the products you need to adequately care for your granite. Take a look around our shop to find something perfect for you and use BD10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount! 

Marble Cleaners: Which Type Should You Use On Natural Stone?

Cleaning Marble Work SurfaceWhen it comes to cleaning marble, you need to make sure you follow a few simple steps, one of which is using the proper cleaner. Taking care of your marble floors or countertops is a great way to make sure that they remain looking new and beautiful, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with or using regular store bought cleaner. Let’s look at why it is important to clean your marble items with marble cleaners, which type of cleaner you should use, and why you should not use regular store bought cleaners for your marble tiles and countertops.

Why Should You Regularly Clean Marble?

Whether it is a simple dusting or using marble cleaners on your items, it is important to clean them regularly. One of the main reasons is because even something like dust can cause etching and make the marble look dirty and old over time. This is something you will want to avoid happening. A few steps you can take is to dust your countertops and floors regularly with marble approved fabrics, clean up spills immediately to avoid staining and possible harsh effects from certain ingredients, and use marble cleaners to make sure the marble is always shiny and new looking.

Which Type Of Marble Cleaners Should You Use?

You need to look for marble cleaners that state they are safe for use on your marble floors or countertops. Marble cleaners that are safe such as NeutraSheen are ones that are neutral products and do not contain any acid in the formula. The acid can cause a loss of shine on your marble, as well as etching, which is what you are trying to avoid by continually cleaning and maintaining marble. It is also a good idea to use this type of cleaner when you need to clean up any spills on the floors or countertops to ensure that you can clean it adequately. 

Why Can You Not Use Regular Store Bought Cleaner?

As we have mentioned throughout this blog, using store bought cleaner could mean that your marble with be etched when you start to clean it. It can also go dull looking, and the color might fade away, depending on the chemicals in the store bought product you use. While it is much easier to get cleaners from the store, it is best for you to look for specific marble cleaners via the Internet to find the best way to clean and keep it looking amazing and new. You will be very glad when you use cleaners that will keep your marble items safe.

Marble and Granite Care Products provides you with excellent marble cleaners, as well as restoration kits if you have happened to have used store bought cleaners previously. Never fear, it is possible to make your marble items look incredible again. Take a look around our shop to see which cleaners you would like to purchase. Use the code BD10 when you head to checkout to get a ten percent discount off of your next purchase!

The Best Cleaning Products for Grout: Martha Stewart Approved

Worker With Yellow Gloves And Blue Towel Clean Red Tiles GroutWhen you have ceramic, porcelain, or other manmade tiles in your house, you will most likely have grout. Throughout the days, weeks, and years, grout will eventually start looking worn, and it will get several stains. This is true no matter where the ceramic or porcelain tiling is, it is inevitable someone will spill something, or that an animal will track mud inside.

If you have tiles on your walls, it can still receive stains just from regular life and going through years of various dust and pollutants that make it into our homes. Because of this, it is vital for you to cleanthe grout with the best cleaning products to keep your tiled floors and walls looking nice and new for years to come. We are excited to announce that our grout cleaner Grout Guard Restorer has for the past 6 years received the Martha Stewart stamp of approval; it is still Rated #1 overall against 5 other national brands.

What Does It Mean When Something Is Martha Stewart Approved?

Before Martha Stewart ever approves any cleaner or household item, she will test it out to see if it works. She runs it up against other cleaners to see which the best is. She then tells her readers and followers which are the right cleaning products to use in their homes. She will give out ratings and tell people how each product works and any possibility of it not providing a person with optimal results. We received some excellent news when we found out that Martha Stewart considers our cleaner to be number one when it comes to cleaning grout on floors, walls, or any other areas.This gives everyone the confidence that this grout cleaner is truly one of the best cleaning products, as well as assuring them that their grout will look much better after cleaning. 

Grout Cleaner Can Help Your Old and Stained Grout Look New

One of the biggest reasons people find that their tiled flooring looks old is because the grout is very dirty. Many people believe that simply mopping the floors will help. While mopping might help with eliminating dust on the surface, it will be very difficult to get the grout as clean as you want it. While it can be an overwhelming process at first, taking small steps and working on small sections will help you get that grout to look clean and new again. If you regularly clean the floors and the grout, you will find that you do not have as difficult a time cleaning because it will not have as many tough stains as it would if you did not regularly clean it. This is why it is important to find the best cleaning products for your flooring and grout. 

In Closing, Choose the Best Cleaning Products for Your Grout

Choosing the best cleaning products does not need to be difficult for you, nor does cleaning grout. Take a look at Marble and Granite Care Products’ great, Martha Stewart approved Grout Guard Restorer to keep your floors looking consistently new and sparkly clean. If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us today! We will love to help you find the best products for easy and effectively cleaning grout. Take this opportunity to get 10% off of your next purchase by using this awesome code in the discount box: BD10. We look forward to doing business with you.


Take the Pain out of Floor Tile Cleaning

One of the most off-putting aspects about cleaning floor tile thoroughly is the thought of having to get down on bended knee to scrub and clean in all those nooks and crannies. Housemaid’s knee, housemaid’s aching back – none of us want them.

This is why many of our clients are delighted to learn that we offer the Stand – Up Tile Floor Cleaning System which completely eliminates the need to get down on hands and knees to clean large floor areas effectively. This great system is ideal for dusting, cleaning and drying floor tile such as porcelain, brick, concrete, terrazzo tile and Caesar Stone. In fact there isn’t much that it can’t tackle.

It’s lightweight and innovative and includes a light weight bucket on wheels that holds the cleaning fluid, plus a telescopic pole which extends to 6 feet and swivels through 360. There are a variety of cleaning heads suitable for the grimiest job through to a light cleaning: 4” x 10” swivel cleaning pad holder, two 4” x 10” medium to heavy duty deep cleaning pads, plus two 18” x 5” micro fiber mesh floor pads. After the cleaning pads are used on the floor, the squeegee tool will wring them out so they are ready to use again in another area.

Not only does this system really take the back ache out of floor cleaning but the cleaning pads are made from micro fiber mesh which can be laundered time and time again, saving you money and being non-disposable can only be good for the environment.

The complete Stand-Up Tile Floor Cleaning System is only $93.70 and each component can be purchased separately if desired, making it ideal for long term use – you have the option to purchase the items that you require.

We also supply appropriate cleaning products to use with this system, such as the NeutraSheen Tile Cleanse, which safely cleans floors as well as shower tile, wall tile and kitchen countertops and can be purchased in various volumes.

For really grimy areas, you can combine NeutraSheen Tile Cleanse with our own Grease and Grime Buster which contains a special mix of fine abrasives to deal with those hard to reach dirty and caked up areas of your tile. Watch the discolored tile start to look like new in just a few seconds.

All of the above products, including the Stand-Up Tile Floor Cleaning System and its individual parts can be purchased online through our website by simply setting up your account and popping what you need into your shopping cart.

And then you will be well on your way to sparkling floor tile without a hint of housemaid’s knee.

Remodeling your Kitchen – Where to Begin?

A kitchen renovation project is a major undertaking and has the potential to be expensive. So it makes sense to carefully plan your requirements and set your budget before you make a start. Consider these 4 key areas:

1. Location
Are you going to remodel your kitchen in its existing location or would it make more sense to move it to a larger area? It may be that your family has grown and a bigger kitchen would be of great benefit for your day-to-day living. As a plus, a new roomy kitchen will increase the value of your property significantly.

Of course moving a kitchen to an entirely new location can be costly particularly when you consider the need for all the different trades people required to complete the project. Consider adding a new addition onto your home or the existing kitchen space could be extended by knocking through into an adjoining room.

2. Materials
Kitchen cabinets are a major focal point in any kitchen so if your budget can’t stretch to a completely new set consider re-utilizing the existing cabinets if they are still in good shape. Refacing is where only the doors and drawer fronts are replaced but this can give a whole new look to your kitchen. Countertops are just as important as cabinets to achieve the look that you want. For durability stick to granite which comes in a variety of colors and grades.
Installing the right lights in your new kitchen can make all the difference to its look and you may want to follow the current trend and have pendant lighting over a kitchen island or under-cabinet lighting. Installing new lighting may require re-wiring and if this is outside your budget then simply change your fixtures or add dimmers to existing lights. Another tip to help reduce costs is to investigate the possibility of using salvaged building materials.

3. Budget
By considering the factors in 1) and 2) you can fix your budget remembering that not only will your family benefit from having a great kitchen with improved layout, lighting and usability, but the value of your house will increase.

4. Contractor
When searching for a contractor to undertake your kitchen renovation seek word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues. For each contractor, check them out with local construction associations and meet with them to review their portfolio of completed projects and ask for further customer testimonials.

Only choose a contractor when there is sufficient evidence to show they are dependable and trustworthy. They may charge at the top end of the scale but it’s far better to spend a little more to achieve your great dream kitchen in the agreed time frame than to spend less and have a long drawn-out construction project which results in a disappointing kitchen.
By taking into account the tips above, your kitchen remodeling project should go without a hitch to give you a welcoming room which can cater to all your family , and which bumps up the value of your home.

Let’s hear it for Marble

Marble is a very popular natural stone used in art, architecture, and in the home. It is renowned for its beauty and is appreciated by artists who commonly use marble in sculpture. This stunningly beautiful metamorphic rock originally formed from carbonate rocks which were transformed into a crystallized form by high heat and pressure. Each piece of marble is completely unique due to the variations in the striations of quartz, clay, sand, calcite and dolomite crystals which form abstract patterns and which can range from blues and greens, to pinks, grays and creams.

Often marble is overlooked in favor of granite when new floor tiles or kitchen countertops are to be installed in the home, due to the latter’s greater toughness and durability. However marble has its own charm and even if it isn’t quite as tough as granite it is still far more resilient than other options. Marble can be employed in many places: floor and wall tiles, showers, countertops, columns, window sills, sinks and fireplace mantels.

When marble is incorporated into the home, it is guaranteed to give a look of sheer elegance and luxury to any room it appears in. It is sleek, smooth and striking. A marble floor makes a statement as soon as you enter a room, as does an unusual marble sink in a bathroom or a stunning marble fireplace surround.

The advantages of using marble in your home include:

  • Sheer impressive beauty which is guaranteed to be unique as no two pieces of marble are identical
  • High durability when properly cared for using designated marble cleaning and maintenance products, far surpassing many other flooring or countertop options
  • Health benefits because marble can keep your home free from allergens and pathogens
  • Your home’s market value can increase when you have good quality marble installed professionally, making it an excellent investment
  • Marble floor tiles provide a cool floor in the summer months
  • Marble is fire resistant and so adds to the overall safety aspect of your home

However there are a number of limitations which you need to be aware of if you are planning to install marble:

  • If you want to use marble countertops in your kitchen, be prepared to treat them well. Marble can scratch and can be scorched if hot items are placed directly on top of it. The easy preventative solution is to use a cutting board or a trivet to prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Marble may stain from food spills so these must be wiped up immediately.
  • It needs regular resealing with appropriate products to protect it and ensure it retains its beauty
  • It may be slippery when wet so think carefully if you want marble tiles in the bathroom – or alternatively choose a honed marble with a matt finish which is less slippery

Marble is a truly beautiful stone and can be used in many different ways throughout your home resulting in an enviable, sophisticated look. So long as you clean and maintain the marble using specific products there is no reason why the marble won’t outlast the rest of the house! It adds value to your home and can create a sense of self-satisfaction when you see your beautiful rooms. So if you want marble in your home, there really is no reason not to go ahead.

Top Tips for Successful Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen make sure you consider the following to ensure you upgrade it to the perfect new version:

Overall Design
Don’t get too sidetracked by an over enthusiastic designer. You need to live in your kitchen so make sure the final design is for a functional kitchen as well as a good looking one. The space has to be well laid out and the final design should complement the rest of the house rather than compete with it.

Use High Quality Materials
Don’t skimp and use poor quality materials or your final kitchen will look less than perfect and won’t be long lasting. Choose reputable brands for cabinets and drawers and other fittings and buy the finest you can afford.

Make the Best Use of Space
Large kitchens have an open central area so work it with an all-singing, all-dancing island: incorporate multi-level storage areas, wine racks, deep drawers and shelving units, all pulled together in one consistent and eye-catching design. Consider how people will move around the island and ensure it is positioned in the best possible location.

Cabinets and drawers
Cabinets and drawer units can make or break a great kitchen design. You may find yourself spoiled for choice with different wood types, colors and handle finishes, so choose those that appeal to you. Don’t necessarily follow the latest fad if you think it might not be long lasting. A kitchen remodeling project can be costly and you want a final look that will last for years.

In addition to the cabinets, countertops make a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Marble and granite are tough and are consistently firm favorites which always result in a sophisticated look. There are many varieties and colors to choose from and although granite always inches ahead with regard to robustness, marble can also last the course. Whichever you opt for, use some tender loving care and specific granite or marble cleaning products to result in a long lasting and fabulous look.

Choose what you need, not what is all the rage. You want your life to be enhanced by these time-saving gadgets so do some research and make sure you choose appliances that you require, that you will use and that will fit in to your budget.

Make it your own
Add some great little touches to the final remodeled kitchen to give it that homey feeling and to make it unique to you and your family. Perhaps you have some favorite family snap shots that you could have properly mounted and placed on the wall or an unusual glass fronted cabinet that you can use to display your best china. Depending on the height of your ceilings, you may even be able to use the cabinet tops to display ornaments or other types of food related memorabilia depending on the look you want.

By taking into consideration the points above, you can be sure that your kitchen remodeling project will result in a highly successful outcome – a fabulous looking kitchen that pleases your family and adds value to your home.

Choose the Best Contractor to Remodel your Kitchen

A fresh, modern and roomy kitchen will definitely increase the value of your home as well as look great. If your kitchen is very small or on the jaded side, you may decide to renovate it. But you should choose your kitchen remodeling contractor carefully.

1. Preliminary discussions
You may have a short list of potential contractors, so make sure you speak to all of them personally. You probably have plenty of ideas about how to create your dream kitchen so it is essential that the contractor understands these and can incorporate them into the redesign plans. You need to feel that the contractor is listening to you and won’t go ahead with his own ideas without firstly getting your approval.

It’s extremely helpful if the contractor can provide you with computer aided design plans and digital photos of current and past projects.

Whilst it sounds pretty basic, you need to like and trust the contractor to enable you to work together to make your dream become a reality without angst and conflict.

2. Testimonials
You need to choose the contractor based on his capability, reputation and completed projects. Request customer references which you must follow up with a phone call. A revealing question is whether the customer would use the contractor again. Also find out if the contractor delivered what was promised to the pre-agreed timeline and budget, and whether there were any areas of concern.

3. Quote
Request quotes from at least three contractors so you can check that they are all in the same ball park. Don’t assume that the cheapest quote is the best – only go with the lowest price if the reputation of the contractor is backed up by exceptional references.

4. License
Verify the contractor’s license and registration which can be done easily by searching on the internet. This is important in case there is any faulty work done during the project. Also check if a work permit is required before the contractor starts work in your house.

5. Insurance
The contractor must have liability insurance to protect you and your property from damage during the remodeling project. Call the contractor’s insurance company to ensure everything is in order. The contractor must also prove that he has worker’s compensation insurance to ensure you are not responsible if any worker sustains an injury whilst working on your kitchen.

6. Get it in writing
Estimates should always be in writing. Check them thoroughly before progressing so you are completely clear what your budget will cover. You don’t want to be surprised by hidden costs or by having to pay for ‘extras’ that you had assumed were included in the original estimate.

Similarly ask for the warranty in writing and check what is covered and for what time period.

Following these simple guidelines, you will be sure of hiring the right contractor for the job and can then just sit back and wait for your perfect new kitchen to be completed.