Marble Kitchen Flooring – The Pro’s and Con’s

If you’re still undecided about what type of flooring to have in your kitchen, marble should be a strong contender. Its natural beauty gives an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. But before you finalize your decision, be armed with the facts – here are the main pro’s and con’s of having marble kitchen flooring:

The Pro’s

Appearance: without a doubt, marble kitchen flooring will look stunning and will add value to your home. It’s a finish that many people long to have simply because it gives a luxurious and polished finish to complete the kitchen area.

Natural: marble is quarried from the earth. It is wholly natural and eco friendly.

Choice: marble is available in a wide variety of colors and so can be matched to the rest of the kitchen décor easily. Marble is a natural product extracted from the ground in large slabs which are then cut down into much smaller slabs and tiles. Each tile and slab will be unique but during the marble kitchen flooring installation, a good company will source tiles that match each other as much as possible. The result? – a floor which has a harmonious appearance, but on closer inspection, shows the unique nature of each tile or slab.

Shine: if you’re looking for a shiny, glossy floor, then marble is your man. Marble tile manufacturers can polish marble until the surface is incredibly smooth and shiny, and this process also highlights the different colors within the stone.

Light: marble plays the light beautifully. Due to its slightly translucent appearance the penetration of light can make marble tiles appear almost radiant – a wonderful look.

The Con’s

Price: marble kitchen flooring is at the top end of the price range for kitchen flooring options ranging from $15 to $30 per square foot installed. And if you want a mosaic look, the price will rise further.
Slip hazard: when wet, the highly polished surface of marble becomes slippery. In a kitchen where liquid spills are to be expected, this is a disadvantage, but of course if the spillage is cleaned up quickly, the slip hazard is eliminated.
Resilience: marble flooring can be scratched relatively easily by high heels, walking on a dirty (gritty) surface or dragging furniture across it. Prevention is always better than cure, so you need to treat a marble kitchen flooring carefully. In addition, marble can stain if acidic based liquids are spilled on it, such as fruit juices, wine, or foods preserved with citric acid, due to a chemical reaction.
Sealant: to protect marble from staining, it needs to be properly sealed with a chemical sealant. This creates an invisible barrier which will help reduce staining risks, and must be reapplied every 6 to 12 months. However , it is always sensible to wipe up any spillages immediately to lessen the potential of damage to the marble.
Replacement: if you decided that you wish to replace your marble kitchen flooring with an alternative finish, it is very difficult and costly to remove. In many cases, the best option would be to install a new floor directly on top of the marble flooring.
Environmental factors: although marble is a natural product, the process of extracting it from the earth may add to pollution by the nature of the quarrying process and the use of machinery. And of course its transportation to the homeowner adds to environmental pollution from the vehicles used, as with any other product being transported from A to B.

Spring Clean your Bathroom Tile

Spring Clean your Bathroom Tile At this time of year, as the weather brightens and you feel that summer is just around the corner, you may feel the need to do a deep and thorough spring cleaning of your home. If your bathroom tile is showing signs of a damp, cold winter and is looking discolored and dirty, we have just the products to help you get your bathroom back to a pristine condition.

NutraSheen Tile Cleanser
This effective product is specifically designed to safely and easily clean all man-made tile with minimal effort and superb results. Use it on ceramic tile, concrete tile and pavers, quarry tile, porcelain tile, Caear Stone, Silestone, and Corian amongst others, whether they are on the floor, countertops or walls.

For more stubborn areas which need some serious attention, such as those with mildew, mix the NeutraSheen Tile Cleanser with our all powerful Grease and Grime Buster and then use on the tile. The Grease and Grime Buster is a special blend of fine abrasives which aids the NutraSheen Tile Cleanser to really help lift off caked in dirt, resulting in gleaming bathroom tile, removing all signs of mildew along the way.

By mixing Grease and Grim Buster with our Grout Guard Restorer, you have the perfect way to restore your grout to its original color. Mix the products together until they have the consistency of toothpaste. Apply directly to the grout, works quickly with a grout brush, then simply rinse clean to reveal perfectly clean grout.

Once your grout is looking immaculate, prolong the results of your hard work with the Grout Guard Protector. This will seal the grout and ensure it doesn’t get discolored again in the future, making it quick and easy to clean. No more scrubbing ineffectively at dirty grout!

It couldn’t be easier to purchase the products mentioned above, off our website. They are available in the following sizes:

NeutraSheen Tile Cleanser

  • Premixed sprayer (32 ounce) $7.95
  • 16 ounce ($9.95) or 32 ounce ($17.95) to mix with water (4 ounces made up with water makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution).
  • 1 gallon concentrate $29.95

Grease and Grime Buster

  • 8 ounce ($12.95) or 16 ounce ($19.95) 

Grout Guard Restorer

  • 8 ounce ($29.95), 16 ounce ($49.95) or 40 ounce ($79.95)

Please note that Grease and Grime Buster with Grout Guard Restorer are not suitable for polished marble or limestone.  However we offer a Grout Guard Restorer For Marble, specifically designed for cleaning grout on marble and limestone tile.

Granite Counter Tops – The Pro’s and Con’s

People commonly associate granite counter tops with sophisticated bathrooms and classy kitchens. But granite can be used far and wide in your home if you so wish – as functional window sills, ornate fire mantelpieces, eye-catching cabinet tops and impressive bar counters. Since granite slabs can be custom made to measurement, you can use granite in far more places than you may have first imagined. But as with all other counter top material choices, make sure you know the facts before you design your house with granite.

The Pro’s

A Unique Look: as a natural material, no two pieces of granite look identical. So in addition to adding a touch of luxury to your home, you know that no-one else will have exactly the same counter tops as you have.
Color Choices: granite is available in a whole host of natural color choices from beige and gold, blue and black, to red and burgundy.
Resistant: granite is tough – in fact there is no tougher material, being second only to diamond in hardness. Granite countertops can last a life time and they have an element of heat resistance meaning you can place warm pans on top of the granite without fear of damaging it.
Added value: granite counter tops are much sought after and will add long lasting value to your home.
Easily to clean: granite can be kept looking immaculate with daily cleaning with a specific granite surface cleaning product and a non abrasive cloth. And due to the absence of grout, as the granite can be installed in large slabs, there is one less thing to worry about in your cleaning routine.
The Con’s

Expensive: granite is more expensive than other counter tops. Whilst granite countertops can last for a long, long time, homeowners who like to change the décor of their home regularly may find the cash outlay makes no sense if they plan to change them after only a few years.
Not indestructible: yes granite is tough, but if a heavy object is dropped on it, it may well crack. And although it is resistant to the heat from a warm pan, a very hot pan can damage the surface.
Scratches and stains: somewhat surprisingly due to its strength, granite is susceptible to scratching (not to be used as a carving board), and stains from liquid and food spills. It should be treated routinely with a chemical sealant to help prevent against this.
Heavy: granite is a very heavy material. That means you can’t place granite counter tops on various items of furniture without firstly ensuring the furniture has the required support.
Inconsistent appearance: if you are planning to use granite across a large space and need to use a number of granite slabs, it will be impossible to match them perfectly as each is unique.
Hard to remove: granite countertops are very difficult to remove once installed. For those who like to see regular change in their homes, granite countertops would be far from ideal.

Granite countertops can look stunning in a variety of situations within the home. With regular cleaning with a specialized granite cleaner and routine maintenance, they can retain their good looks for many years to come. However, there are some disadvantages that the homeowner should consider before making a final decision

Spring is Here and It’s Cleaning Time, Get Ready to Bust Some Grime!

Spring is finally in the air, and that means it’s time to start your spring cleaning.  That is why we are pleased to offer you a special discount through May 15, 2013! Whether it’s that dingy bathroom grout you are trying to tackle, or restoring the shine and brilliance of your marble or granite countertops, we want to help!


After you find all the products you need to handle this spring cleaning season, simply enter the code SPRING13 in Step 1 of the checkout process and receive a 15% discount off of your entire order. By doing your spring cleaning yourself and using our discount you will benefit with tons of savings!


Featured Product of Spring: Grout Guard Restorer

Have you noticed your grout getting a bit dirty and stained? It might be time to give it a thorough cleaning with our Grout Guard Restorer. This
product will make your grout look like new again, and it’s so easy to use!  It’s been tested and proven itself repeatedly. Even Martha Stewart Living rated it #1!


This product will be perfect for the Spring cleaning season! See what our customers have had to say:

In order to clean your grout you may also want a grout brush, sponge, or even the stand up grout cleaning system!

Product Reviews: Marble Cleaning Products

Marble Cleaning Product Review (title to be named after final draft) When you have marble floors or walls, or stunning marble countertops and tabletops, you are probably the envy of your friends and neighbors. And that’s no surprise because marble surfaces look amazingly sophisticated and classy. But you are no doubt fully aware that marble requires tender, loving care to maintain its natural good looks.

That’s why we have developed a range of specialized cleaning and restoration products specifically designed to care for marble. These have been recognized as being the best of the best, by professional marble cleaning companies and we are inordinately proud that these professionals reach out for our products when they need to clean and maintain marble finishes in the 5 star hotels and luxury properties they service. You can be sure that if the pros trust and rely on our products, these products will truly produce fantastic results for you; our products are all formulated to be safe to use and user friendly. So when you have marble in your home, invest in these products to keep it in tip top condition.

Marble Cleaning Product NeautrasheenNeutrasSheen for Marble (pre-mixed spray): this fabulous marble cleaner couldn’t be easier to use. Just spray and wipe. No scrubbing, no rinsing, no fuss at all. And you can be sure that you are cleaning up dirt and spills with a product specifically designed for marble to reduce the incidence of stains, without causing damage to the surface. Use it on any marble in your home: showers, vanity tops, bar tops and floors. It will work everywhere and is also great on granite, limestone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

At only $8.95 for a 32oz NeutraSheen sprayer bottle, you can’t afford not to have a bottle handy in the kitchen and bathroom to deal with any unexpected spills.

Marble Gloss Restorer Marble Gloss Restorer: when you feel that your marble tiles and countertops are looking a little faded, invest in the Marble Gloss Restorer to renew their original dazzling look. This proprietary blend of polishing compounds is specifically designed to deal with etch marks, light scratches, food and beverage stains, and water spots. It is just as effective on limestone and travertine.

If you have marble surfaces with a slightly different chemistry, we offer the Marble Gloss Restorer SF (Special Formula). This has a different chemical blend and is indicated for Thassos (pure white), Breccia Nouvella (dark brown), Verde Antique (dark green) and Belgium Black (absolute black) types of marble. We know our chemistry and will always recommend the right product for the right job.

The Marble Gloss Restorer is available in a 4oz size and costs only $17.95, 8oz @ $25.95, or $39.95 for the 16oz version. So when your floors, walls, shower, bath & kitchen counters and table tops need some help, reach for the Marble Gloss Restorer and you will have the glossy finish you desire in no time at all.

Marble Polisher and CleanerMarble Polish and Protector: once you have restored your marble surfaces to their former glory, ensure you enhance and protect them regularly. The Marble Polish and Protector is a marble polisher and sealant used to maintain the sheen of the marble whilst simultaneously protecting it – it’s not a coating and is polymer-free, but works by creating a physical barrier to keep oil, water, and dirt on the surface and prevent them from penetrating the stone which can lead to unsightly stains. Surface spills can then be easily cleaned up. This product is indicated for polished marble, granite, limestone and travertine.

When your marble showers, countertops, and tables are looking their very best, ensure you use the Marble Polish and Protector to safeguard the stone and maintain its natural beauty. At only $17.95 for 4oz, $25.95 for 8oz, or $39.95 for 16oz, you will be happy you made the investment to maintain your marble in the very best condition.
All of the above products can be easily purchased online at our website by setting up an account, adding the item you want to your cart and paying on check-out. It just couldn’t be simpler.

Marble vs. Granite Countertops – Which is Better?

Image Courtesy of Granite International

When you’re putting in your new kitchen and want a beautiful and sophisticated look, you may decide to install marble or granite countertops. Visually they are both stunning and some people think they are interchangeable. However they are two completely different kinds of stone and you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each before making your decision.

Granite is beyond a doubt the more resilient of the two. It is an igneous rock formed from cooled and solidified magma. It consists mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar and it is the high quartz content that gives it strength. It is known to stand up well in high use areas such as the kitchen and keep its looks for the long term. When treated with a penetrating sealant, it is unlikely to scratch, dull, stain or wear away for many years.

Marble is a metamorphic rock originating from carbonate rocks which were subjected to high heat and intense pressure to cause a crystallized composite of calcite, aragonite and dolomite crystals. It has a reputation for being difficult to maintain because it is prone to staining, dulling and scratching, but be aware of the facts before you throw this option out of the window.

It is true that a spill of water or oily liquid on a marble countertop will result in stains because the liquid soaks into the tiny spaces between the crystals. However pre-application of a sealer will slow down the seeping process giving you plenty of time to wipe up the spillage before it can do any real damage. So as long as the marble countertop is properly protected, stains are not much of an issue. If your marble does stain then you will be able to lift it, at least partially with professional cleaning products specifically designed for this purpose.

Dulling is a little trickier. Acid based liquids such as vinegar, orange and lemon juice, plus foods and beverages preserved with citric acid, will eat into the marble due to a chemical reaction between the acid and the calcium carbonate content of the marble, the dulled area is called an etching. Unfortunately a sealant is no match for this reaction; but, here’s the good news, the damaged area can be restored to its high gloss condition by using one of our Marble Refinishing Kits. However in the real world, you’re unlikely to spill acid based foodstuffs on a daily basis on top of your marble countertop, and in the long term you may be prepared to put up with the occasional dull mark.

Regarding scratching, prevention is better than cure. Marble is classified by the Marble Institute of America from A to D depending on its porosity and durability. So when you are choosing marble countertops, check with the seller that the ones you want are suitable for use in the kitchen. And make sure that you only ever use non-abrasive cleaning products designed specifically for use on marble – they can be easily sourced at acceptable prices.

If you’re looking for countertops that keep their new look for as long as possible, and especially if you have clumsy teenagers in the house, the more resistant granite countertops may be your best option. But if your heart is set on marble, and you can treat it well and put up with slight imperfections, then install marble countertops. Ultimately the decision rests on your shoulders. Whichever countertops you choose, look after them and you will continue to be delighted by their elegant finish for years to come.

7 Tips for Laying Marble Tiles

Marble FloorWhen you have decided to install a beautiful marbled floor in your house, you will need to spend some time preparing the area before beginning to lay down the marble tile. To get a really professional look, here are 7 tips to get the best results possible:

1. Check that the floor can withstand the weight of the marble tiles before your proceed. Take professional advice and strengthen it if necessary.

2. Make sure the floor is level. Absolutely flat. Don’t rely on your eyes. Spirit levels were created for a purpose. Laying marble tiles on an uneven surface may cause them to lift or crack.

3. A dry, clean floor is a must. Don’t think about putting down marble tiles if the floor is damp or dirty or the tiles may not adhere effectively and will start to loosen with time.

4. Plan the design and layout before you begin. Most designs will require that you work out from the exact center of the room.

5. Make sure you have enough tiles before you start to lay them. Place the tiles on the dry floor where they are destined to go so you can double check how they will eventually look. Buy a few extras in case some get broken on the way.

6. Choose thin-set tile mortar of a color appropriate to the actual tiles. If it’s too dark it might show through the marble tiles and make the final floor seem darker than it should be.

7. Similarly chose a grout to compliment the tiles – either comparable to the tile color, or contrasting to make the tile layout design really stand out.

Once the tiles are laid you will have a classic marbled floor which you can sit back and admire. Treat it well and use a damp mop to clean it, or professional cleaning products specifically created for marble – they’re not as expensive as you might imagine. A striking marble floor oozes luxury and quality and will definitely add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your house.

How to Care for Marble Floors

Learning how to care for marble floors is important because lack of proper maintenance causes the marble’s original appearance and overall quality to deteriorate.

Unlike other surfaces, marble floors are constantly exposed to elements, many of which lead to an acceleration of the marbles’ wear and tear, requiring routine upkeep and maintenance. In this blog post, we will share with you some insights on how to care for marble floors, as well as some great products to help sustain the life of your marble.

Clean Your Marble Floors Regularly

One of the best ways to care for marble floors is to maintain a cleaning schedule. Because marble floors are susceptible to scratches from dirt and sand particles, cleaning your marble floor regularly can help prevent scratches from occurring. In some cases of minor scratching, the marble floor can be restored using a marble polishing compound.

marble refinsihing kitHowever in situations of deep scratches, the marble may need to be refinished using sanding discs and buffing pads attached to an orbital buffing mechanism. For this, we strongly suggest using our deluxe marble refinishing kit, which includes everything you will need to restore scratched marble flooring.

Polish, Seal, and Protect Marble Flooring

An often overlooked aspect of caring for marble flooring is polishing and sealing the surface on a regular basis, typically, once or twice a year. This care requires some diligence because not only must you ensure that the marble floor is clean and free of debris, but marble polishing and sealing is a two-step process, requiring a significant amount of effort. This effort can be made much easier with the help of the right marble care products.

Our marble gloss restorer is very efficient at restoring the high gloss shine of marble while removing etchings and minor scratches from the marble flooring. Additionally, our marble sealer takes protection one step further by penetrating deep into the pores of the marble floor, creating a protective barrier. We offer both a solvent-based marble sealer, as well as water-based marble sealer.

Remove Etching on Marble Floors

Etching, which is actually a form of corrosion that takes place on the marble, is typically the result of the marble making prolonged contact with acidic or high alkaline substances. Although etch marks might appear like scratches, etching typically cannot be restored with a basic marble cleaner or polishing compound.

Similar to deep scratches, etch marks usually require a more restorative approach to the marble’s surface. Although there are companies that provide professional marble restoration services, these services can be very expensive, especially for large surface areas of marble flooring. A more economical alternative is to buy a marble refinishing kit, and do the process yourself. In all of our marble refinishing kits, we include an instructional DVD that takes you through the entire process, step by step. This makes the process very easy for almost anyone to do.

Learning how to care for marble floors is imperative to keep your marble looking its finest. Be sure to check out some of our marble care products or connect with Marble Cleaning Products on Google+ to stay current on more tips and insights on how to care for marble and other natural stone surfaces.

How to Clean and Restore Marble Shower Floors and Walls

Cleaning marble showers is not always an easy task. Because showers are regularly exposed to water containing minerals, high alkaline soap and shampoos, the marble surface easily accumulates soap scum buildup. Cleaning Marble Shower Floors Walls

Additionally, when household cleaners are used (many of which contain harmful chemicals that are high in alkaline or acidic substances which attack the marble surface,) the result is etching (or “etch marks,”) which often require more than a marble cleaner to correctly restore the damaged marble.

If you’re wondering how to clean and restore your marble shower in the most effective manner, this blog post will enlighten you on the best way to clean and restore your marble shower floors and walls.

How to Clean and Restore Marble Shower Floors

Cleaning marble shower floors is one of the most difficult areas to tackle. Residue from dirty water, soap, and shampoo, can build over time, making it hard to completely clean a marble floor. In most cases, a simple marble cleaner is just not enough.

In cases of where etch marks, scratches, water spots are present, a marble restorer is the best companion for the job. Here at, we stand by our Marble Gloss Restorer, which is a proprietary compound that effectively removes etching, stains, water spots, and minor scratches from marble shower floors. Our Marble Gloss Restorer is a versatile product that also works great on marble vanities, counter tops, and other marble surfaces throughout the home.

If you own Thassos (pure white), Breccia Nouvella (dark brown), Verde Antique (dark green), or Belgium Black (absolute black) marble shower flooring we suggest using our Marble Glass Restorer Special Formula. This is because the mineral composition of these types of marble demand a unique compound to render a high gloss finish.

How to Clean and Restore Marble Shower Walls

Similar to marble floors, cleaning marble shower walls can offer the same restorative challenges. Over time, shower walls are susceptible to etching, dull marks, and unattractive streak lines showing loss of color and gloss. In most situations, this calls for a more extensive approach to cleaning and restoring the marble. Clean and Restore Marble

Before calling a professional marble restoration company, consider investing in one of our do-it-yourself marble refinishing kits. Our marble refinishing kits contain everything you need to buff, clean, and restore scratches, dull marks, etch marks, and water spots on your marble shower walls as well as shower floors. The kit even includes an instructional DVD, so you’ll be well-versed as to how to clean and restore your marble shower. Additionally, the marble refinishing kit can help you save hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a professional to do the work.

Sustain Your Marble’s Shine

After you’ve successfully cleaned and restored your marble shower, you may want to consider a polish to help protect and enhance the original beauty of the marble’s surface. A marble polish can make future shower cleaning much easier, for the polish helps to defend the marble from water, oil, and dirt penetrating the marble’s pores.

The nice thing about our Marble Polish and Protector is that it does not contain any polymers and will not distort the natural color and clarity of marble. It’s safe to use and works great on a number of other natural stone surfaces like granite or travertine.

There’s a lot more to cleaning marble showers than meets the eye. In many cases, a standard marble cleaner won’t cut it. To effectively bust through grime, restore etching and scratching, and renew your marble shower walls and floors – explore our professional-grade marble care products. We offer everything you need to clean and restore your marble to shine like new.

Tip Your Hat to Two (2) Winners for Grout Cleaning

If you’ve been to our homepage recently, you might have noticed the exciting news that two of our products were featured in the Homekeeping section of the October 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. The good people at Martha Stewart Living singled out our Grout Guard Restorer plus our Grease and Grime Buster as outstanding products for consumers to use for grout cleaning and restoration.

Even though these products just recently appeared in Martha Stewart Living, it’s actually been in the works for quite some time now.  How this all came about makes for a pretty interesting story, so here’s how our Grout Guard Restorer plus our Grease and Grime Buster got featured and promoted in the October 2008 issue:

Grease Grime Buster

Early in November of 2007 the Editorial Department of Martha Stewart Living magazine contacted us to let us know that they were going to be writing an article on cleaning grout and tile.  They told us that they were going to want to test our grout cleaner/restorer alongside five (5) other national brands that cleaned tile and grout.

Grout Cleaner Restorer

A month later, they informed us that the tile and grout cleaning results were tabulated and that our Grout Guard Restorer plus our Grease and Grime Buster produced the best results!  We were thrilled to have knocked the socks off the competition.  In a competition like that you have to have an outstanding product that actually works in order to come out on top. Not only did Martha Stewart Living share with us the good news about the competition, they asked us for permission to feature and promote Grout Guard Restorer and Grease and Grime Buster in a future story; naturally our answer was YES!

About a year later, the story finally came to print in the October issue and just before Thanksgiving they published a modified version of that print story on their website.  You can read the online version for yourself here.
Click here to read the article