Choose the Best Contractor to Remodel your Kitchen

A fresh, modern and roomy kitchen will definitely increase the value of your home as well as look great. If your kitchen is very small or on the jaded side, you may decide to renovate it. But you should choose your kitchen remodeling contractor carefully.

1. Preliminary discussions
You may have a short list of potential contractors, so make sure you speak to all of them personally. You probably have plenty of ideas about how to create your dream kitchen so it is essential that the contractor understands these and can incorporate them into the redesign plans. You need to feel that the contractor is listening to you and won’t go ahead with his own ideas without firstly getting your approval.

It’s extremely helpful if the contractor can provide you with computer aided design plans and digital photos of current and past projects.

Whilst it sounds pretty basic, you need to like and trust the contractor to enable you to work together to make your dream become a reality without angst and conflict.

2. Testimonials
You need to choose the contractor based on his capability, reputation and completed projects. Request customer references which you must follow up with a phone call. A revealing question is whether the customer would use the contractor again. Also find out if the contractor delivered what was promised to the pre-agreed timeline and budget, and whether there were any areas of concern.

3. Quote
Request quotes from at least three contractors so you can check that they are all in the same ball park. Don’t assume that the cheapest quote is the best – only go with the lowest price if the reputation of the contractor is backed up by exceptional references.

4. License
Verify the contractor’s license and registration which can be done easily by searching on the internet. This is important in case there is any faulty work done during the project. Also check if a work permit is required before the contractor starts work in your house.

5. Insurance
The contractor must have liability insurance to protect you and your property from damage during the remodeling project. Call the contractor’s insurance company to ensure everything is in order. The contractor must also prove that he has worker’s compensation insurance to ensure you are not responsible if any worker sustains an injury whilst working on your kitchen.

6. Get it in writing
Estimates should always be in writing. Check them thoroughly before progressing so you are completely clear what your budget will cover. You don’t want to be surprised by hidden costs or by having to pay for ‘extras’ that you had assumed were included in the original estimate.

Similarly ask for the warranty in writing and check what is covered and for what time period.

Following these simple guidelines, you will be sure of hiring the right contractor for the job and can then just sit back and wait for your perfect new kitchen to be completed

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