Choosing Floor Tiles

When choosing tiles for your floor think carefully about color, design and how easy they will be to clean. Floor tiles are available in every color under the sun from muted beiges and tasteful terracotta to imposing black. They may be monochrome, multicolored and with or without some kind of pattern or design. Choosing the right color for your room is paramount and especially for rooms with a lot of footfall, you need to ensure that you use an appropriate tile cleaner to keep them looking in tip top condition. Here are some key points to consider.

  • Don’t choose a tile that will clash with the existing color scheme of the room – make sure it complements the walls and soft furnishings.
  • Plain tiles will act as a more neutral base for the furniture in the room whereas highly designed and multicolored tiles will call attention to themselves.
  • Keep to the style of your house: shiny black tiles can be very sophisticated in a large, modern room but would look out of place in a rustic style house.
  • Darker tiles will also make a room look smaller, whereas pale colors such as beige and cream will make a smaller room look much bigger.

Discuss your requirements with the store where you are making your purchase. They have plenty of experience and will help narrow down your choices of tile to one that is suitable for the room you wish to tile and will be easy to keep clean with a reputable tile cleaner.

Before you start to lay one single tile, take a few different samples back home and view them in the room they are destined for. Check them out in both natural and artificial light as they may look quite different in both.

Once you have made your final decision, you are just one step away to having a beautifully tiled room and as always – don’t forget to purchase tile cleaning products to protect and clean your tile to keep it looking new.

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