Let’s hear it for Marble

Marble is a very popular natural stone used in art, architecture, and in the home. It is renowned for its beauty and is appreciated by artists who commonly use marble in sculpture. This stunningly beautiful metamorphic rock originally formed from carbonate rocks which were transformed into a crystallized form by high heat and pressure. Each piece of marble is completely unique due to the variations in the striations of quartz, clay, sand, calcite and dolomite crystals which form abstract patterns and which can range from blues and greens, to pinks, grays and creams.

Often marble is overlooked in favor of granite when new floor tiles or kitchen countertops are to be installed in the home, due to the latter’s greater toughness and durability. However marble has its own charm and even if it isn’t quite as tough as granite it is still far more resilient than other options. Marble can be employed in many places: floor and wall tiles, showers, countertops, columns, window sills, sinks and fireplace mantels.

When marble is incorporated into the home, it is guaranteed to give a look of sheer elegance and luxury to any room it appears in. It is sleek, smooth and striking. A marble floor makes a statement as soon as you enter a room, as does an unusual marble sink in a bathroom or a stunning marble fireplace surround.

The advantages of using marble in your home include:

  • Sheer impressive beauty which is guaranteed to be unique as no two pieces of marble are identical
  • High durability when properly cared for using designated marble cleaning and maintenance products, far surpassing many other flooring or countertop options
  • Health benefits because marble can keep your home free from allergens and pathogens
  • Your home’s market value can increase when you have good quality marble installed professionally, making it an excellent investment
  • Marble floor tiles provide a cool floor in the summer months
  • Marble is fire resistant and so adds to the overall safety aspect of your home

However there are a number of limitations which you need to be aware of if you are planning to install marble:

  • If you want to use marble countertops in your kitchen, be prepared to treat them well. Marble can scratch and can be scorched if hot items are placed directly on top of it. The easy preventative solution is to use a cutting board or a trivet to prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Marble may stain from food spills so these must be wiped up immediately.
  • It needs regular resealing with appropriate products to protect it and ensure it retains its beauty
  • It may be slippery when wet so think carefully if you want marble tiles in the bathroom – or alternatively choose a honed marble with a matt finish which is less slippery

Marble is a truly beautiful stone and can be used in many different ways throughout your home resulting in an enviable, sophisticated look. So long as you clean and maintain the marble using specific products there is no reason why the marble won’t outlast the rest of the house! It adds value to your home and can create a sense of self-satisfaction when you see your beautiful rooms. So if you want marble in your home, there really is no reason not to go ahead.

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