Remodeling your Kitchen – Where to Begin?

A kitchen renovation project is a major undertaking and has the potential to be expensive. So it makes sense to carefully plan your requirements and set your budget before you make a start. Consider these 4 key areas:

1. Location
Are you going to remodel your kitchen in its existing location or would it make more sense to move it to a larger area? It may be that your family has grown and a bigger kitchen would be of great benefit for your day-to-day living. As a plus, a new roomy kitchen will increase the value of your property significantly.

Of course moving a kitchen to an entirely new location can be costly particularly when you consider the need for all the different trades people required to complete the project. Consider adding a new addition onto your home or the existing kitchen space could be extended by knocking through into an adjoining room.

2. Materials
Kitchen cabinets are a major focal point in any kitchen so if your budget can’t stretch to a completely new set consider re-utilizing the existing cabinets if they are still in good shape. Refacing is where only the doors and drawer fronts are replaced but this can give a whole new look to your kitchen. Countertops are just as important as cabinets to achieve the look that you want. For durability stick to granite which comes in a variety of colors and grades.
Installing the right lights in your new kitchen can make all the difference to its look and you may want to follow the current trend and have pendant lighting over a kitchen island or under-cabinet lighting. Installing new lighting may require re-wiring and if this is outside your budget then simply change your fixtures or add dimmers to existing lights. Another tip to help reduce costs is to investigate the possibility of using salvaged building materials.

3. Budget
By considering the factors in 1) and 2) you can fix your budget remembering that not only will your family benefit from having a great kitchen with improved layout, lighting and usability, but the value of your house will increase.

4. Contractor
When searching for a contractor to undertake your kitchen renovation seek word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues. For each contractor, check them out with local construction associations and meet with them to review their portfolio of completed projects and ask for further customer testimonials.

Only choose a contractor when there is sufficient evidence to show they are dependable and trustworthy. They may charge at the top end of the scale but it’s far better to spend a little more to achieve your great dream kitchen in the agreed time frame than to spend less and have a long drawn-out construction project which results in a disappointing kitchen.
By taking into account the tips above, your kitchen remodeling project should go without a hitch to give you a welcoming room which can cater to all your family , and which bumps up the value of your home.

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