How to Care for Marble Floors

Learning how to care for marble floors is important because lack of proper maintenance causes the marble’s original appearance and overall quality to deteriorate.

Unlike other surfaces, marble floors are constantly exposed to elements, many of which lead to an acceleration of the marbles’ wear and tear, requiring routine upkeep and maintenance. In this blog post, we will share with you some insights on how to care for marble floors, as well as some great products to help sustain the life of your marble.

Clean Your Marble Floors Regularly

One of the best ways to care for marble floors is to maintain a cleaning schedule. Because marble floors are susceptible to scratches from dirt and sand particles, cleaning your marble floor regularly can help prevent scratches from occurring. In some cases of minor scratching, the marble floor can be restored using a marble polishing compound.

marble refinsihing kitHowever in situations of deep scratches, the marble may need to be refinished using sanding discs and buffing pads attached to an orbital buffing mechanism. For this, we strongly suggest using our deluxe marble refinishing kit, which includes everything you will need to restore scratched marble flooring.

Polish, Seal, and Protect Marble Flooring

An often overlooked aspect of caring for marble flooring is polishing and sealing the surface on a regular basis, typically, once or twice a year. This care requires some diligence because not only must you ensure that the marble floor is clean and free of debris, but marble polishing and sealing is a two-step process, requiring a significant amount of effort. This effort can be made much easier with the help of the right marble care products.

Our marble gloss restorer is very efficient at restoring the high gloss shine of marble while removing etchings and minor scratches from the marble flooring. Additionally, our marble sealer takes protection one step further by penetrating deep into the pores of the marble floor, creating a protective barrier. We offer both a solvent-based marble sealer, as well as water-based marble sealer.

Remove Etching on Marble Floors

Etching, which is actually a form of corrosion that takes place on the marble, is typically the result of the marble making prolonged contact with acidic or high alkaline substances. Although etch marks might appear like scratches, etching typically cannot be restored with a basic marble cleaner or polishing compound.

Similar to deep scratches, etch marks usually require a more restorative approach to the marble’s surface. Although there are companies that provide professional marble restoration services, these services can be very expensive, especially for large surface areas of marble flooring. A more economical alternative is to buy a marble refinishing kit, and do the process yourself. In all of our marble refinishing kits, we include an instructional DVD that takes you through the entire process, step by step. This makes the process very easy for almost anyone to do.

Learning how to care for marble floors is imperative to keep your marble looking its finest. Be sure to check out some of our marble care products or connect with Marble Cleaning Products on Google+ to stay current on more tips and insights on how to care for marble and other natural stone surfaces.