Grout Guard Restorer - 40 ounce Size

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Grout Guard Restorer - 40 ounce Size

Quick Overview

Homeowners, use the 40 ounce Grout Guard Restorer to restore your grout to its original appearance and natural color. Watch as our grout cleaner lifts stains and discolorations in a matter of seconds.

Our grout cleaning and sealing products are approved by Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart Living rated our grout cleaner and grout sealer as outstanding products for consumers looking to clean and restore their grout. You can read more about the article here.

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Homeowners, now you can clean grout like an expert.

grout cleaner

Our grout cleaning and sealing products have been top rated by Martha Stewart Living magazine! The folks at Martha Stewart Living tested our grout cleaner amongst five other leading products. They ranked our product as the best grout cleaner for consumers. Read more here.

Some of the world's finest hotels and professional home improvement companies, use Grout Guard Restorer to restore and clean grout to its original appearance.

Our grout cleaner is economical to use: 40 ounces of Grout Guard Restorer can clean up to 1000 square feet of grout.

Mix our Grease and Grime Buster (a special blend of fine abrasives) with Grout Guard Restorer to the consistency of toothpaste, to make short work of those really really dirty, discolored, caked up areas of your grout in the kitchen and bathroom (works great in removing mildew from your shower)

Protect Your Restored Grout with Grout Guard Protector. After using Grout Guard Restorer, apply our Grout Guard Protector to seal the grout, plus make it quick and easy to clean.


Do not use Grout Guard Restorer on polished marble or polished limestone; instead, use our Grout Guard Restorer for Marble for cleaning grout on marble and limestone.

Stand-Up Grout Cleaning System

With the advent of the Multi-Function Stand-Up Grout Cleaning System the days of back breaking, knees hurting, arms aching, hours upon hours of cleaning grout in the kitchen and bathroom are gone forever. Our Stand-Up Grout Cleaning System eliminates the need to bend over, or get down on hands and knees; enabling you to clean large areas of the floor without bodily strain. Just brush on Grout Guard Restorer and watch dirty, discolored grout, become clean and like new in seconds, not minutes or hours.



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