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How to Care For Marble

If you are one of the lucky people who have marble floors or countertops, then you must be sure that you know how to care for it. It does not have to be difficult to care for marble, and you can take a few simple steps to make sure it is clean and prevent any future stains or problems. This blog is going to look at three ways in which to care for marble whether you have marble countertops or floors.

1. Cleaning Your Marble Countertops and Floors
One of the best ways to care for marble is to clean it regularly. This can include dusting it regularly with smooth cloths to avoid etching from the cloth or the dust. This will make sure your marble products look amazing year round. You will also need to make sure to clean it regularly with cleaning products that are truly for marble such as NeutraSheen.

While some cleaners might say they are approved for usage on marble, many are truly not good to use. They will still have harsh chemicals in them. This is why it is wise to always double check before purchasing cleaners to ensure it is safe for your marble products. You can do this by purchasing from places such as Marble and Granite Care Products where their marble products are safe for usage.

2. Repolishing or Sealing to Care for Marble Countertops 

Another great way to care for marble countertops is to seal them. You can do this yourself by renting the proper equipment and getting sealing agents that are specifically for usage on marble countertops. This will help keep them safe from accidental problems such as spills. Sealing them will also help you clean up those problems easily with marble cleaners.

However, you should make sure to avoid using improper polishing or sealing agents on floors and countertops. If you need something for your marble floors and countertops, you can purchase a marble gloss restorer. This helps you restore any of the gloss that is lost due to damage or improper care prior to learning the best care methods. As we have said, this is great to use on floors and countertops, to help maintain a great shine and color.

3. Use Mats In Areas with High Traffic or Where You Prepare Food

If you have marble flooring, it is a good idea to get mats that have a gentle underside that will protect the marble from people’s shoes. You should place these mats in high traffic areas to keep the marble from becoming worn and looking dull. You should also make sure to use cutting mats when you are preparing food on marble countertops to ensure that you do not stain it with food or damage the marble with a knife.

It is vital for you to care for marble well in order to continue being happy with your marble flooring or countertops. Marble and Granite Care Products has several wonderful marble cleaners, sealers, and gloss restorers that are safe to use on marble. Take a look around our shop to find something that will work for you. When you are ready to checkout, use the code BD10 to receive a 10% discount off of your order! We look forward to doing business with you.

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