Answer: All marbles are soft and porous except for the dark green species which behave like granite. What typically stains marble are the harsh chemicals contained in soap, and shampoo, perfume, and cosmetics, the minerals in hard water, household cleaning agents which are highly acidic or alkaline in nature; all foods and beverages are not neutral when measured on the PH scale, many of which contain citric acid as a preservative. What typically scratches marble is the grit which is tracked in from outside, deposited on the floor from the soles of shoes and sneakers. Abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads tend to scratch and scuff marble floors and walls.

Our Marble Refinishing Kits contain everything you will need to restore your dull, etch stained and scratched marble to a brand new, highly polished surface. All of our Marble Refinishing Kits include our Instructional How To Do It DVD.

If you have your own six (6) inch random orbit sander/polisher machine, which is Velcro backed; then, you can order either our Standard or Deluxe Marble Refinishing Kit without buffer machine, to save money.

Please Note: During the honing process, remember to overlap your work area by a half inch, each time you change a sanding disc grit. Remember to stop the machine every twenty seconds and clean the sanding disc with a wet sponge, check the sanding discs” surface with your fingertips, it works best when you feel the abrasiveness of the disc. Please note: Do not over use the sanding disc, when the face becomes smooth to the touch (it has lost its abrasiveness) it should be discarded and replaced with a new disc. For estimating purposes: one sanding disc should hone up to seven square feet of marble. Additional sanding discs can be purchased on our Website in the Supplies and Accessories category; we sell packages of (15) and (25) sanding discs; three (3) each of 150, 220, 400, 600, and 800 grit sizes and five (5) each of 150, 220, 400, 600, and 800 grit sizes, respectively. Commercial customers should call our professional sales staff at (800) 617-1779, to special order our proprietary diamond pads which are designed to resurface thousands of square feet of marble before having to be replaced.
If you determine your etch marks are slight and not deep, some light is still reflective; then, no honing is necessary, just polish by machine with our Marble Gloss Restorer and Ultimate Polishing Pad two to three times. Our Marble Gloss Restorer contains a fine gritty component which will remove minor scratches, etchings, and water spots. Please note: Our Marble Gloss Restorer out performs any and all of our competitors polishing products; our Marble Gloss Restorer is safe and easy to use, when used with our Ultimate Polishing Pad it produces a deep, durable, high gloss finish. Our Marble Gloss Restorer has its own product category, and our Ultimate Polishing Pads can be found in the Supplies and Accessories category on our Website. Our Ultimate Polishing Pads can be purchased in the following diameter sizes (inches): 6, 7 3/4, 17, and 19.

When polishing the following marble species: pure white (Thassos), dark brown (Breccia Nouvella), dark green (Verde Antique), and absolute black (Belgium Black); the mineral makeup of these marbles require a different chemistry to produce a high gloss finish, which is found in our Marble Gloss Restorer SF.

Watch those food and beverage stains, water spots, dull and worn traffic areas, disappear; while the true color and brilliance of the stone is regenerated.