Two of our cleaning products were featured in the Homekeeping Section of the October 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. The good people at Martha Stewart Living singled out our Grout Guard Restorer plus our Grease and Grime Buster as outstanding products for consumers to use for cleaning their grout.

The article provided tips and techniques for cleaning and restoring the appearance of grout and tile. They mention that while some cleaning tactics like using bleach and stiff brushes may solve a short term problem, they cause issues in the long run, by dulling surfaces and creating an environment for stains, mold and mildew. Rather than using these harsher grout cleaning tricks, Martha Stewart Living recommends gentle cleaning solutions, including Marble Cleaning Product’s own Grout Sealer and Grout Cleaner and Restorer products.

Our grout sealer, Grout Guard Protector, is a clear, deep penetrating, water-based, impregnating sealer that protects against staining from food, water, oil, and dirt; maintaining the original clean grout appearance and color, and making your kitchen, bathroom, shower, and floors look like new.

Our Grout Cleaner and Restorer is a revolutionary grout cleaner which restores the original appearance and color to old and severely discolored grout, working quickly to clean grout with minimal effort.

You can read more about grout cleaning and our grout products in the online version of the Martha Stewart Living article here:

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