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How to Care For Granite

Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that many people choose to use for their kitchen counter-tops. It adds a unique touch to the home and makes the kitchen look professional and classic.

However, many people do not realize it is important to care for granite since many are still used to having laminate counter-tops. Let’s look at a few ways to care for granite, making sure it lasts for years to come, looking just as gorgeous as the day it was installed.

Clean the Granite Daily With Warm Water

In order to maintain and care for granite properly, it is important that you clean the granite daily with warm water. Some people suggest that you use gentle soap, but it is important to use cleaner that is specific for granite. Since you should do this daily, it is a good idea to have a supply ready to use. Cleaners such as Neutra Sheen for Granite will ensure that your granite counter-tops stay clean while also continuing to look stunning.

Blot Up Any Spills

Obviously, you will use your counter-tops for a number of things including cooking and preparing liquids, which means you are likely to spill something on it. It is important that you blot up any spills you make. Blotting spills will ensure that you get every bit of liquid, whereas wiping will make it spread, which can cause harm to the stone. When you spill, blot it up to care for granite counter-tops effectively and quickly.

Use Mats or Potholders Between Objects And Granite

When you place things on your counter-tops, it is best to place mats or potholders between the objects and the counter-top in order to care for granite. This will keep it from becoming damaged. You should also avoid placing hot items directly on the granite counter-tops because heat can harm the granite; this is especially true if the granite counter-tops are already cold due to winter temperatures. When it doubt, simply avoid putting anything hot directly on the counter-tops and for long periods of time. If possible, keep your hot pots or pans on the stove for best results.

Ceramics Can Cause Scratching On The Surface

Everyone knows that granite counter-tops can be highly resistant to scratching, however, ceramics can cause scratching to occur both on the counter-tops and the objects themselves. To avoid this, place something such as a mat, or even a decorative trivet, to care for granite and protect it.

In Closing, It Is Important to Care for Granite

Granite counter-tops are incredible additions to any home, and they require great care. Proper care for granite will ensure that it looks incredible for several years. In fact, it will look brand new, which is something we all want when we purchase gorgeous counter-tops. If you are looking for a great cleaner for granite, Marble and Granite Care Products are here for you! We provide you with excellent granite cleaners, sealers, protectors and polishers, as well as a poultice that will greatly benefit you. We have a great granite maintenance kit that includes the essential items, making it easy for you to have all of the products you need to adequately care for your granite. Take a look around our shop to find something perfect for you and use BD10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount! 

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