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Marble Cleaners: Which Type Should You Use On Natural Stone?

When it comes to cleaning marble, you need to make sure you follow a few simple steps, one of which is using the proper cleaner. Taking care of your marble floors or countertops is a great way to make sure that they remain looking new and beautiful, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with or using regular store bought cleaner. Let’s look at why it is important to clean your marble items with marble cleaners, which type of cleaner you should use, and why you should not use regular store bought cleaners for your marble tiles and countertops.

Why Should You Regularly Clean Marble?

Whether it is a simple dusting or using marble cleaners on your items, it is important to clean them regularly. One of the main reasons is because even something like dust can cause etching and make the marble look dirty and old over time. This is something you will want to avoid happening. A few steps you can take is to dust your countertops and floors regularly with marble approved fabrics, clean up spills immediately to avoid staining and possible harsh effects from certain ingredients, and use marble cleaners to make sure the marble is always shiny and new looking.

Which Type Of Marble Cleaners Should You Use?

You need to look for marble cleaners that state they are safe for use on your marble floors or countertops. Marble cleaners that are safe such as NeutraSheen are ones that are neutral products and do not contain any acid in the formula. The acid can cause a loss of shine on your marble, as well as etching, which is what you are trying to avoid by continually cleaning and maintaining marble. It is also a good idea to use this type of cleaner when you need to clean up any spills on the floors or countertops to ensure that you can clean it adequately.

Why Can You Not Use Regular Store Bought Cleaner?

As we have mentioned throughout this blog, using store bought cleaner could mean that your marble with be etched when you start to clean it. It can also go dull looking, and the color might fade away, depending on the chemicals in the store bought product you use. While it is much easier to get cleaners from the store, it is best for you to look for specific marble cleaners via the Internet to find the best way to clean and keep it looking amazing and new. You will be very glad when you use cleaners that will keep your marble items safe.

Marble and Granite Care Products provides you with excellent marble cleaners, as well as restoration kits if you have happened to have used store bought cleaners previously. Never fear, it is possible to make your marble items look incredible again. Take a look around our shop to see which cleaners you would like to purchase. Use the code BD10 when you head to checkout to get a ten percent discount off of your next purchase!

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