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Spring Clean your Bathroom Tile

Spring Clean your Bathroom Tile At this time of year, as the weather brightens and you feel that summer is just around the corner, you may feel the need to do a deep and thorough spring cleaning of your home. If your bathroom tile is showing signs of a damp, cold winter and is looking discolored and dirty, we have just the products to help you get your bathroom back to a pristine condition.

NutraSheen Tile Cleanser
This effective product is specifically designed to safely and easily clean all man-made tile with minimal effort and superb results. Use it on ceramic tile, concrete tile and pavers, quarry tile, porcelain tile, Caear Stone, Silestone, and Corian amongst others, whether they are on the floor, countertops or walls.

For more stubborn areas which need some serious attention, such as those with mildew, mix the NeutraSheen Tile Cleanser with our all powerful Grease and Grime Buster and then use on the tile. The Grease and Grime Buster is a special blend of fine abrasives which aids the NutraSheen Tile Cleanser to really help lift off caked in dirt, resulting in gleaming bathroom tile, removing all signs of mildew along the way.

By mixing Grease and Grim Buster with our Grout Guard Restorer, you have the perfect way to restore your grout to its original color. Mix the products together until they have the consistency of toothpaste. Apply directly to the grout, works quickly with a grout brush, then simply rinse clean to reveal perfectly clean grout.

Once your grout is looking immaculate, prolong the results of your hard work with the Grout Guard Protector. This will seal the grout and ensure it doesn’t get discolored again in the future, making it quick and easy to clean. No more scrubbing ineffectively at dirty grout!

It couldn’t be easier to purchase the products mentioned above, off our website. They are available in the following sizes:

NeutraSheen Tile Cleanser

  • Premixed sprayer (32 ounce) $9.95
  • 16 ounce ($9.95) or 32 ounce ($17.95) to mix with water (4 ounces made up with water makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution).
  • 1 gallon concentrate $39.95

Grease and Grime Buster

  • 8 ounce ($12.95) or 16 ounce ($19.95) 

Grout Guard Restorer

  • 8 ounce ($29.95), 16 ounce ($49.95) or 40 ounce ($79.95)

Please note that Grease and Grime Buster with Grout Guard Restorer are not suitable for polished marble or limestone.  However we offer a Grout Guard Restorer For Marble, specifically designed for cleaning grout on marble and limestone tile.

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