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Take the Pain out of Floor Tile Cleaning

One of the most off-putting aspects about cleaning floor tile thoroughly is the thought of having to get down on bended knee to scrub and clean in all those nooks and crannies. Housemaid’s knee, housemaid’s aching back – none of us want them.

This is why many of our clients are delighted to learn that we offer the Stand – Up Tile Floor Cleaning System which completely eliminates the need to get down on hands and knees to clean large floor areas effectively. This great system is ideal for dusting, cleaning and drying floor tile such as porcelain, brick, concrete, terrazzo tile and Caesar Stone. In fact there isn’t much that it can’t tackle.

It’s lightweight and innovative and includes a light weight bucket on wheels that holds the cleaning fluid, plus a telescopic pole which extends to 6 feet and swivels through 360. There are a variety of cleaning heads suitable for the grimiest job through to a light cleaning: 4” x 10” swivel cleaning pad holder, two 4” x 10” medium to heavy duty deep cleaning pads, plus two 18” x 5” micro fiber mesh floor pads. After the cleaning pads are used on the floor, the squeegee tool will wring them out so they are ready to use again in another area.

Not only does this system really take the back ache out of floor cleaning but the cleaning pads are made from micro fiber mesh which can be laundered time and time again, saving you money and being non-disposable can only be good for the environment.

The complete Stand-Up Tile Floor Cleaning System is only $93.70 and each component can be purchased separately if desired, making it ideal for long term use – you have the option to purchase the items that you require.

We also supply appropriate cleaning products to use with this system, such as the NeutraSheen Tile Cleanse, which safely cleans floors as well as shower tile, wall tile and kitchen countertops and can be purchased in various volumes.

For really grimy areas, you can combine NeutraSheen Tile Cleanse with our own Grease and Grime Buster which contains a special mix of fine abrasives to deal with those hard to reach dirty and caked up areas of your tile. Watch the discolored tile start to look like new in just a few seconds.

All of the above products, including the Stand-Up Tile Floor Cleaning System and its individual parts can be purchased online through our website by simply setting up your account and popping what you need into your shopping cart.

And then you will be well on your way to sparkling floor tile without a hint of housemaid’s knee.

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