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The Most Important Things to Know About the Proper Care of Marble Countertops

Not all Marble Care Products are “Safe”

• Using harsh chemicals found in most household cleaners to clean your marble and granite countertops will break down the sealers and should be avoided.
• Never use solvents or cleaners like bleach, vinegar and ammonia since they will “etch” leaving dull and discolored spots.
• Also not recommended are nearly all of the common name-brand household cleaners, such as Windex, 409, Tilex, Kaboom, Lysol…. most, if not all of these household cleaners are too harsh for cleaning marble and will also etch.
• Many cleaners labeled “for marble” are not good performers. Many of these cleaners tend to be generic household cleaners with a “marble” label sold in some stores.

What is the best marble cleaning product for marble countertops?

The best product for cleaning marble and stone in general is Marble Cleaner NeutraSheen for Marble – 32 oz. – Premixed Spray
Our NeutraSheen Marble cleaner products work great on countertops, vanities, grout, glass and chrome.

Click here for our Stone and Grout Care Guide  – and learn all about how to care for your marble, granite and grout properly

But here are the most important things to remember…

  • Avoid wet pans, especially iron cookware, which can rust and will stain your marble countertops.
  • Don’t let standing water evaporate on the surface of your marble countertop, as this can leave unwanted calcium deposits, which sometimes can be difficult to remove. Some household water may contain minerals that have the potential to damage the marble surface.
  • Never use “glass cleaners” to clean marble, for the reasons mentioned above. The NeutraSheen For Marble Cleaner is safe to use on glass, but glass cleaners should never, ever be used to clean marble surfaces.
  • The best stone and grout care products to use for cleaning marble, granite or any natural stone is NeutraSheen Marble cleaner – It is safe and was specially formulated for marble cleaning, and will not damage the surface of your marble or your grout.
  • NeutraSheen Marble cleaner safely cleans marble due to its proprietary formula there is no loss of gloss, color, or clarity.

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